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DESKTOP skin 1500x850px JPG | PNG 250ko
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    Clicktag HTML5

    <div onclick="window.open(clickTag)"></div>



    Delivery Terms


    5 business days before campaign start.

    Any delay in delivery of elements may result in additional delay before the campaign goes live.




    Do not forget to check that you provide us with all the necessary files : PREVIEWS, SOURCES in .psd and/or cut.

    If the skin is for the homepage, refer to the template 'HOME PAGE'

    If the skin is for one or more inside pages (articles), a site entry, or a general rotating, refer to the template 'GENERAL ROTATING / ARTICLE'

    If the site needs to be clothed both on the home page and inside pages, which is the case for most of our sites / offers, you must provide us a range according to the two templates.


    Important information

    Download the template corresponding to the skin and add the creative in the PSD, respecting the following conditions :

    1 Only red layers can be modified.

    2 Layers preceded by 'txt -' can be modified by means of text color only.

    3 The skin creative must be placed in the layer folder 'skin'.

    4 Do not move or resize other elements of the .psd.

    5 The “Hide layer Standard' is present as an indication, it delimits the content area visible on the standard screens. This layer is hidden when the skin is exported.

    6 You can display a dark or light version of the logo according to the background color of the skin, by selecting the desired layer in the layer folder 'LOGO'.

    7 The skin should end on a solid background color.

    8 Thank you for returning the non-flattened PSD to us as well as a skin application in JPG format.

    9 If you do not want to return the PSD, you will need to provide us with the skin cut, which you can export from the PSD by hiding the layer folder 'SITE' before saving.