SKIN Multi-devices
360 HTML Skin
Elements Dimensions File Type Max Weight
1 background 1800x850 with header of 1000x250

1 background 1800x850 with header of 1200x250
JPG 250Ko
1 HTML of 1000x250


1 HTML of 1200x250
Mobile Skin  640x200 JPG  250Ko
Tablet Skin 1536x320 JPG  250Ko
Linked Format 300x600 (or 300x250) JPG 250Ko
Display the demo  Download Template
Tech Specs




1/ Provide two versions of the skin 1800x850px to optimize the render and make sure it fits the size of the screen's user.


2/ If you provide the header by redirect, it must be responsive and adaptative for both sizes : 1000 and 1200.

3/ Download the template: the layer "Text Zone" is here as an indication, it shows the area of the visible content on regular screens.

4/ The skin must end on a plain color.

5/ Export the design by hiding the layers "Site" and "Text zone" and provide the cut of the skin.


6/ "Sound On" only activated when clicked on.

Available On
  • Jeuxvideo.com

    Clicktag HTML5

    <div onclick="window.open(clickTag)"></div>



    Delivery Terms


    5 business days before campaign start.

    Any delay in delivery of elements may result in additional delay before the campaign goes live.